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NGINX is now part of F5. See why we’re?better together.

What Is NGINX Unit?

NGINX Unit is a dynamic application server, capable of running beside NGINX Plus and NGINX Open Source or standalone. Unit supports a RESTful JSON API, deploys configuration changes without service disruptions, and runs apps built with multiple languages and frameworks. Designed from scratch around the needs of your distributed applications, it lays the foundation for your service mesh.


Why NGINX Unit?

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Configure your applications in real time; NGINX Unit is tailored to the demands of modern microservices.

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Avoid the requirements and headaches associated with multiple application servers; NGINX Unit offers a single configuration stack.

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Rely on your trusted partner in application delivery; NGINX Unit is brought to you by the same team behind NGINX Plus and NGINX Open Source.


NGINX multi language support


Configure all your applications with one streamlined interface:

  • Uniform support for Go, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby
  • Applications written in different languages run on the same server
  • Different versions of a language run side by side (PHP 5 and PHP 7, Python 2.7 and Python 3)
NGINX Unit Dynamic by Design


Adjust to your applications’ needs on-the-fly:

  • Comprehensive RESTful API simplifies configuration
  • JSON syntax provides visibility and transparency
  • In‑memory updates reduce service disruptions
  • Zero-downtime deployments facilitate seamless updates
NGINX Service Mesh

Service Mesh

Use NGINX Unit as the foundation for your service mesh:

  • Integrated network stack for fast service-to-service communication
  • Offload network configuration from application code to NGINX Unit
  • Built-in SSL/TLS support