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What Is the API Management Module for NGINX Controller?

The API Management Module for NGINX Controller is the fastest API management solution, combining the raw power and efficiency of NGINX Plus as an API gateway with new control‑plane functionality. NGINX Controller empowers Infrastructure & Operations and DevOps teams to define, publish, secure, monitor, and analyze APIs, without compromising performance. Built on an innovative architecture, the API Management Module eliminates the need for local databases or additional components that may introduce needless complexity, latency, and potential points of failure for NGINX Plus API gateways. This reduces complexity and maximizes performance by reducing the average response time to serve an API call. Both NGINX Plus and the API Management Module are flexible and portable – they can be deployed in any environment. NGINX’s unique architecture for API management is well suited to the needs of both legacy applications and modern distributed applications based on microservices.



API Definition and Publication

Define APIs using an intuitive interface:

  • Define base path, resources (URI), and upstream groups
  • Route resources to appropriate upstream groups
  • Publish APIs to one or more environments, such as production or staging

Rate Limiting

  • Specify the maximum request rate for each client, consumer, or resource
  • Protect API endpoints and ensure SLAs for API consumers
  • Define multiple rate‑limiting policies

Authentication and Authorization

  • Validate JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)
  • Create and manage API keys for consumers
  • Import API keys from external systems
  • Share with API consumers
  • Apply policies to groups of API clients

Real?Time Monitoring and Alerting

Get critical insights into application performance:

  • Graphs of key metrics such as requests per second, active connections, and bandwidth usage
  • Alerts on more than 100 metrics such as CPU usage, 4xx/5xx errors, and health check failures, based on predefined thresholds
  • Easy integration with any monitoring tool of your choice using REST API


Monitor and troubleshoot API gateways quickly with:

  • An overview dashboard that aggregates metrics across API gateways
  • An Application Health Score that measures successful requests and timely responses
  • Customizable dashboards to monitor metrics specific to your environment