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NGINX is now part of F5. See why we’re?better together.

What Is NGINX Amplify?

NGINX Amplify is a SaaS‑based monitoring tool for the open source NGINX software and NGINX Plus. With NGINX Amplify you can monitor performance, keep track of infrastructure assets, and improve configuration with static analysis. NGINX Amplify also monitors the underlying OS, application servers (like PHP‑FPM), databases, and other components. NGINX Amplify is simple to set up, yet powerful enough to provide critical insight into NGINX and system performance.


Why NGINX Amplify?


Cloud‑hosted, with a compact open source agent to install on each monitored server

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Easy to Use

Get up and running in less than 10 minutes

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Enhanced Visibility

Get actionable insights about NGINX configuration and performance


Amplify - Static Analysis

Static Analysis

Get recommendations to improve security and performance:

  • Fine‑tune your NGINX configuration, following best practices
  • Security‑advisory compliance check ensures your site is not vulnerable
  • SSL/TLS certificate analysis verifies all certificates are up to date
Amplify - Graphs


Visualize metrics from all instances of NGINX and NGINX Plus:

  • Graphs of key NGINX metrics such as requests per second and active connections
  • Graphs of system metrics such as CPU usage and PHP‑FPM metrics
  • Customizable dashboards so you see all the metrics you need in one place
  • Aggregate metrics across all servers or drill down for per‑server tracking
Amplify - Alerts


Receive alerts so you can immediately resolve issues impacting your customers:

  • Get notifications about abnormal NGINX behavior
  • Modify configurable thresholds to reduce false positives
  • Set rate limits on alerts so your inbox doesn’t get flooded

Technical Specifications

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NGINX Amplify is a SaaS application, currently hosted in AWS.

All communications between the agent and the backend is secured by SSL/TLS. The agent initiates all traffic.

The NGINX Amplify Agent works with Python 2.6 and 2.7. Python 3 is not currently supported.